Curse of King Tut haunts mourning woman

Une histoire bien étrange: une Sud Africaine, qui possède un scarabée ayant été volé anciennement , écrit au ministère Égyptien pour savoir comment se défaire de cet objet qui aurait, selon elle, causé plusieurs morts inexpliquées dans sa famille...

A South African woman, owner of a piece of jewellery (a scarab) believed stolen from the tomb of King Tutankhamen, has asked the government in Cairo for help in breaking King Tut's curse after two members of her family suffered untimely deaths.

Coptic trove

A Gourna, où l'on a plutôt l'habitude d'antiquités plus anciennes, une découverte qualifiée de "majeure" vient d'être faite: des papyri coptes en bon état de préservation. Leur importance pourrait être comparable à celle des célèbres rouleaux trouvés à Nag-Hammadi en 1945 et qui retraçaient une page entière de l'histoire du gnosticisme et des premières sectes chrétiennes.

A team from the Polish Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology has stumbled on a major Coptic trove buried under the remains of a sixth-century monastery. Excavators unearthed two papyri books with Coptic text along with a set of parchments placed between two wooden labels. Immediately after the discovery, restoration was carried out in order to preserve the books which will be the subject of extensive restoration by two Polish experts. It is believed (and hoped!) that the importance of these texts equal those of Nag-Hammadi made in 1945 and which shed light on gnosticism and the history of the first christians communities.

Is there a mafia in Egyptology?

L'opinion -extrêmement claire!- de Zahi Hawass sur "l'affaire IFAO"

Zahi Hawass' -extremely clear!- opinion on the "IFAO affair".

"The Victory of Horus"A Sacred Drama of Ancient Egypt


Sur le site du Pr Peter Piccione vous trouverez une reconstitution détaillée de l'interprétation de ce mythe, interprétée par 270 étudiants.

On 20 April 2000, the students of History 270 of the College of Charleston, under the instruction of Prof. Peter Piccione, publicly staged their adaptation of the "Victory of Horus" in the central courtyard of the College of Charleston before Randolph Hall.


Scientists find fossil proof of Egypt's ancient climate

En étudiant un lac assèché du Fayoum, des scientifiques américains démontrent que cette région aujourd'hui désertique regorgeait autrefois de vie dans un climat plus humide.

Earth and planetary scientists at Washington University in St. Louis are studying snail fossils to understand the climate of northern Africa 130,000 years ago.are using stable isotope and minor element analyses of the freshwater gastropod Melanoides tuberculata and carbonate silts from a small lake (now dry) in the Kharga Oasis of western Egypt to reconstruct climatic conditions during the lifetime of the lake. Their analyses support a surprising picture of arid Egypt: 130,000 years ago, what everyone considers an eternal desert was actually a thriving savannah, complete with humans, rhinos, giraffes and other wild life

Ancient Egyptians Sold Fake Cats

On le savait, mais on en a la confirmation: les prêtres de l'Ancienne Égypte n'étaient pas toujours très scrupuleux et vendaient parfois aux fidèles des momies ...qui n'en étaient pas! Ces momies étaient des ex-voto que les pélerins offraient aux dieux.

Ancient Egyptian mummy wrappings hide a number of frauds and flaws, which a high-tech, digital X-ray machine recently exposed among the collections at Chicago's Field Museum. The machine saw through a mummified cat dated to approximately 500 B.C. that contained only twigs and cotton. It also revealed mummification tools that someone accidentally left inside a real mummy, and it solved a 15,000-year-old mystery surrounding what is believed to be the world's oldest known mummy