The Titles of Mereruka also known as Meri

As with all high officials, he was attributed with dozens of titles (84 in total), some of which were purely honorific, but some were of functions which he actually performed. He would have held many of these before taking on the high office of vizier. Nowhere within the mastaba is there a comprehensive list, but the largest number, in one place, occurs within the burial chamber. A long list of 35 occurs on the temenos wall, at the front of the mastaba.

Some variations exists. Where possible, these are shown following in dark red.

If you are planning a visit, why not take a copy of this list with you, see how many titles you can find.

Hereditary Noble
Chief Justice
(literally: "He of the curtain" and of high status)
Chief Lector Priest
Gracious of Arm
(The meaning of this title is not clear)
Sole Companion

Mortuary-priest of Anubis

(?) of Anubis
Stolist-priest of Min
Master of the Great Ones

Scribe of the God's Book
Director of every Divine Office
Hand of (the god) Kherti
Hand of (the goddess) Heqet
Director of the Two Thrones

Director of the Mansions of the Water
Overseer of the Royal Estate
Court Councillor
Lector Priest
Master of the Secrets of the Toilet-house

Master of the Secrets of the Sacred Language
(Sole) Confidant of the King out of his (the king's) Two Banks
Overseer of what Heaven gives and what Earth puts forth
Treasurer of the King of Lower Egypt
Staff of Apis
Director of every Kilt
(possibly meaning "Director of all Officials")
Domain-administrator of the Butites
Great one of Lustration (?)
Administrator of (the goddess) Bat
Director of (the town) Iakemet
Overseer of the King's Harem
Elder of the Senwet-house
Heliopolitan High-priest in the Two Houses
Overseer of the Two Bathrooms of the Great House
Doorkeeper of (the god) Dewaw
Prophet of Horus who is in Snt (the 100)

Overseer of the August Places of the Great House
Overseer of the two Treasuries
Overseer of the two Granaries
Overseer of the House of…
Overseer of the Two Fields of Offerings
Overseer of the Two Sides (rowers) of the Boat of the Physicians of the Great House
Overseer of the Six Great Mansions
Mouth of every Butite
Overseer of the Two Wabet-chambers
Overseer of the Two Houses of Gold
He who is in the Chamber (i.e. councillor) of Nekhen (Hierakonpolis)
Herdsman (i.e. ruler) of Nekhen (Hierakonpolis)

Chief of Nekheb (El-Kab)
Fosterchild of the King
Great One
Overseer of the Scribes of the Royal Documents

Stolist-priest of Anubis
Carrier of the newes-diadem (?) of Uto
Master of the Secrets of that which (only) the One sees
He who has Might with the Gods
Overseer of the God's-palace of Upper Egypt
(?) -priest of Horus
Heliopolitan High Priest
Domain-administrator of (the vineyard)
Director of the Mansions of the Red Crown
Director of the Cult of Horus-of-the-Gods
Greatest of the Five in the Temple of Thoth
Staff of (the goddess) Hesat

Confidant of the King wherever he (the King) is
Inspector of Priests of the Pyramid
Master of Secrets of (Judicial) Decisions of the Six Great Mansions
Commander of the Magistrates
Servant of the Souls of Buto
Overseer of all Royal Adornment
He who is in the Chamber (i.e councillor)
Servant of the Souls of Nekhen
Master of the Secrets of the Mystery of Heaven
Overseer of the House of Weapons
Master of (the Secrets of ?) Secret Missions
** section probably omitted in error **
Overseer of the Two Lakes (?) of the Great House
Inspector of Priests and Guards of the Pyramid (-town)
"The places-of-Teti-son-of-Re-are-enduring"
Overseer of the Two Chambers of the King's Wardrobe (?)
Master of the Secrets of all Commands of the King
Overseer of all Works of the King
Director of the Bird-trap of Horus