In 2001, when I created the Osirisnet site, I was struck by the many sites devoted to Ancient Egypt which supplied very poor content, or content of a mediocre/esoteric quality. A person with no special knowledge of Egyptology could then have had difficulty in recognizing "serious" sites. So I had the idea of trying to gather together as many good quality sites as possible into one community, EgyptRing.
For many years this system worked well, but nowadays this is no longer the case. Many sites appear while others disappear, are no longer updated, or their domain name has been bought by a commercial company, etc. It has thus become impossible to keep the list of sites up to date.

This is why I have decided to end this activity and dissolve EgyptRing.
I sincerely thank all the site managers who agreed to join in this adventure and wish them all success in their future work.

The Ringmaster : Thierry Benderitter