What is Egyptring?

While surfing the web you are bound to have come across numerous sites concerned with Ancient Egypt. In doing so, you may have been struck by the number of these that are of mediocre quality, as well as others that are esoteric, with content that at times verges on the bizarre.

Someone not familiar with the world of Ancient Egypt is hardly in a position to judge whether such sites are "serious" or not.
For this reason it has seemed sensible to us to bring together, in the setting of ‘Egyptring’, a collection of sites that an educated public might want to know about. All the sites featured in Egyptring either meet criteria for quality and relevance, or are associated with societies or artists. We do not presume to have identified and included in Egyptring every single worthwhile site, but can confidently assure you that all sites featured in it are interesting and relevant.

Conditions for inclusion in Egyptring

The aim of Egyptring is to bring together sites dealing with Ancient Egypt that meet the following criteria. To be accepted, your site must :

  • Deal with one or more of the following topics: Art, history, architecture, religion, …and generally speaking, subjects on Ancient Egypt.
  • Have content that is sufficiently scholarly or original, and meets necessary criteria for scientific or artistic relevance.
    Sites with only a few pages of general information cannot be included, nor can sites be that are concerned with the esoteric, UFOlogy or similar.
  • Must not include anything that is illegal;
  • Must not feature pop-up advertising windows, nor redirections to other sites.
  • Must agree to include the black Egyptring logo with reasonable prominence, and to include a link to the present page.
  • Associations and societies (even small ones) are encouraged to apply.
  • Commercial sites are not acceptable.

How to become part of Egyptring?

Please send an e-mail to Your request will be considered with as little delay as possible and a reply will be sent to you.

The Ringmaster: Thierry Benderitter