Retired: ex- Research Physical-chemist, then Computer Analyst and Programmer, born 1941, in Lancashire, England.

I have been an amateur Egyptologist since the 1960's. I am a member of the British "Egypt Exploration Society" and I am a self-taught reader of hieroglyphics (I wrote and translated my first when I was 9 years of age) and hieratic.

I have never visited Egypt (and now, because of health problems, never shall), so I rely on sites such as Thierry's to help fulfil my desire to be involved in all things Egyptological. I have also been fortunate in having had many friends who have provided me with photos from their visits to Egypt, to whom I will be forever grateful, many of whom have now gone to join Osiris.

I have studied and translated many Ancient Egyptian sources during the past 40+ years.

I have made contributions to the site of , mainly the .

Because of my background in computing, I created computerised 3D virtual tours of tombs (for my own pleasure). The results of two of these can be seen on the page (KV57), on the page (KV16). Another example is the screen capture above, coming from my Tomb of Nefertari's tour (QV66).

I have now made available some of these virtual reality tours on this site, see the page.


Until the end of August, 2014, I have had the responsibility for the English pages of Osirisnet. I am very grateful to Thierry for this opportunity to leave something of my hobby to others.

Now I have a medical memory problem which makes me unable to translate French or even Egyptian hieroglyphs. Because of this I can no longer contribute to this Osirisnet site of Thierry. I am so sad, but I can still remain in contact with my Egyptology friends from all over the world.