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The tombs of Ancient Egypt is what this site seeks to present. The intention is to investigate them in depth so as to get to know them, and to understand how they worked and what messages they still convey.
The richly illustrated descriptions on this site can serve as a guidebook for any tombs you might visit that are open to the public. They will also allow you to discover some of the many others to which you will never have access otherwise.

Osirisnet is proud to be one of the few websites "recommended for Egyptology research"

by Professor Khaled el-Enany, former Minister of Antiquities and Turism of Egypt, former Director of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The webmaster, Thierry Benderitter
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Osirisnet periodically sends out announcing new publications or updates to the site. It also reports on the most important discoveries or advances in the field of Egyptology.

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