Two papyri in the Cairo museum

These two papyri are hang on the walls of the stairs up to the first floor of the Cairo Museum.
Nobody seems to pay any attention at them.
As they are in good condition, I thought may be some people would enjoy having a look at them.


The first one comes from the Bab el-Gusus cache and belongs to Nespaqashuty, chief of the treasury of the divine adoratrix of Amun. It dates from the pontificate of high priest Psussennes, in the 21st dynasty.
Ref: Cairo N° SR. VII. 10272. Daressy's list A. 43. Cf. A. Niwinski, OBO 86, p. 289 (Cairo 101).

A.-A.F. Sadek: "Contribution à l'étude de l'Amdouat, Les variantes tardives du Livre de l'Amdouat dans les papyrus du Musée du Caire", OBO 65, Fribourg-Göttingen, 1985, p. 130-133 (= papyrus C11), pl. 18-19.
Thanks to Renaud de Spens and Giuseppina Lenzo for the information.


The second papyrus is the Book of the Dead of Maiherperi, a child of royal nursery and royal fan-bearer, found in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings (KV36) in 1899 by Loret. Reign of Thutmosis IV.