What is it??

While navigating the web, you will certainly find many sites about Ancient Egypt. You may have been hit by the quantity of mediocre or esoteric sites, with more or less odd content.
A person who does not have special knowledge in the field of Egyptology is thus likely not to know if these sites are "serious" rather than not.
This is why it seemed interesting to us to unite, in the setting of the Egypt Ring, a group of sites whose content is at the height of the expectation of the educated great public. All sites which will appear in Egypt Ring will answer criteria of quality and relevance or will be those of associations or artists.
Of course, we by no means claim to gather together all the interesting sites within the framework of this ring, but all those which will appear in it will be interesting.

Conditions of Admission into Egypt Ring

Egypt Ring aims to bring together Ancient Egypt oriented sites on the internet to provide valuable links to each other. If you think that you are running a quality web site on Ancient Egypt, Egyptology…you may apply to join Egypt Ring.
To be accepted, your site must :

  • Deal with one or more of the following topics: Art, history, architecture, religion, …and generally speaking, subjects on Ancient Egypt.
  • Have a substantial and original content, scientifically relevant. Neither sites dealing with esoterism, UFOlogy, …, nor sites with only a few general pages will be accepted.
  • Have no illegal topics.
  • Have no pop up windows with adds (or equivalent).
  • Accept to place the black logo of the ring.
  • Associations (even small ones) are encouraged to apply.
  • Note: Commercial sites are not accepted.

How to apply to become a member?

You send an e-mail to Your request will be examined as quickly as possible and the candidate is notified by e-mail the decision.

The Ringmaster: Thierry Benderitter